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Bear Spray &Wildlife Encounter Training

Know before you go!




Bear Spray Demo & Bear Training 



2 Hour Course 

People in bear country should be prepared to encounter a bear at any time. While following best practices can reduce the likelihood of an encounter, carrying and knowing how to properly use bear deterrents can help prevent injury if you do encounter a bear.

This program provides practical advice on minimizing  negative bear encounters in areas where people and bears coexist. 

With a few simple adjustments to your outdoor routine you can reduce human injury from bears. By living responsibly in bear country both individuals and communities can help prevent many negative bear encounters and keep everyone/thing safer.


Bear Spray Demo: Bear spray has been determined to be an effective deterrent that can reduce injury and potentially safe your life. Like a seat belt, it should be considered essential safety equipment when travelling in wildlife country.

COURSE INCULDES: Professional demonstration of proper Bear Spray deployment.  

Minimum 2 participants.


Wildlife Encounter Training & Certification



3 Hour Course 

This course provides fundamentals on bear encounter avoidance and general safety practices.  

The Wildlife Encounter Training course teachs you how to use bear bangers, horn, and bear spray correctly.  When and how to deploy the equipment and best practices to avoid negative encounters.   Know your equipment!  Play safe and have fun in the Great Canadian Outdoors. 

Know how to use bear spray before you need to use it in an emergancy!  Our Inert Training Spray does not contain red pepper, capsaicin or capsaicinoids which allows you to practice firing without the risk to yourself or others.  It is identical to a the professional flip top model. 


Get the muscle memory you need to use bear spray correctly in an emergency situation. 

COURSE INCLUDES: Participants Hands-on training with Inert Bear Spray. Moving targets.


Bear spray and wildlife safety products are only as useful as your ability to access them quickly when needed. 

The Bear Necessities holster KIT is the only one of it's kind in Canada and it comes with:

  • Bear Necessities Holster

  • Frontiersman or Sabre 1% 225g bear spray

  • 42.5g Kodiak Wildlife Deterrent Horn

  • 2 Tru Flare Bearbangers

  • Tru Flare Pen launcher

Horizontal and vertical velcro straps allow you to have more versatility as to where you carry your bear spray so it's quick to use.   Keeping bear spray quickly accessible is critical for wildlife safety.


 Courses and modules include both classroom and outdoor lessons. Lessons include lectures, inquiry based learning, case study analysis, group discussions and field practice. Students’ own experience is used to deepen learning and strengthen the understanding of principles supporting good leadership. A final exam tests the knowledge elements of the course.


Class Cancellations
We reserves the right to cancel classes that do not reach the minimum enrollment requirements or for extenuating circumstances. Every effort will be made to notify all registrants in a timely manner prior to the class start date. Fees for cancelled classes will be refunded in full or applied to another course upon request.

Student Withdrawals
Students may formally withdraw from a class by contacting us prior to the class start date by telephone, fax, or email. Students and companies are held responsible for courses in which they are registered until they formally withdraw from the course(s) within the refund deadline dates. Please note: Non-attendance does not constitute a formal withdrawal.

Students are eligible for a 100% refund less an administrative charge of $40 if they formally withdraw at least five business days prior to the class start date The withdrawal refund may be applied to another course upon request.


Students may transfer to another course right up to the beginning of the original course. Once the original course begins and no transfer request has been made, it is considered a “no show”.


For private group course registrations, companies and groups are eligible for a 100% refund less the administrative charge of $150 if they formally withdraw at least seven business days prior to the class start date.


Failure to formally withdraw from a course within the published deadlines above will result in no refund provided.


Students who attend but are unsuccessful in courses are not eligible for refunds.

Course Information 

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